For our inshore and nearshore charters, Salty Native is proud to operate what is considered to be the premier and original Florida  “West coast” boat, a fully restored 1978 Aquasport 222. No expense was spared in the rebuild of this classic beauty that was completed earlier this year.  Our boat was selected and re-designed specifically for the comfort of our guests and offers 360 degrees of fishability. With a roomy deck, multiple coolers and an extremely shallow draft, our custom Aquasport 222 has no limitations on where she can take you to find the fish!  The boat is also perfect for getting up close and personal with manatees and dolphins and allows for super easy boarding after spending the day on the beach or on a shelling expedition.

Salty Native also operates a larger, 26 foot, twin engine center console that was also recently upgraded to provide the safest and most comfortable experience for our guests.  New engines, new electronics and new cushions are just some of the upgrades recently done to our bigger boat. Because of her size and draft, our big boat is mostly used for offshore charters and to accommodate larger parties with eco tours, sightseeing and dolphin cruises, shelling trips or island hopping.  Our big boat is absolutely perfect for a cocktail sunset cruise!  

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